Classic Wine Library: Special offer for GuildSomm members

Classic Wine Library has a special offer for GuildSomm members this spring! Through April 12, you can get 50% off the price of any of the Classic Wine Library books, including pre-orders of three new titles. These books are a great resource, made even more appealing by a really generous discount!

Check out the full offer right here.

  • Curious if anybody out there has read any of these books?

    They look very interesting, and the reviews on amazon are pretty favorable across the board, but how do they stack up for somebody that is in the industry?

    Any heads up is appreciated, I may just have to order one and see
  • In reply to Kasey Dubler:

    Hi Kasey! We reviewed this series ourselves before establishing the partnership. We won't ever promote something that we can't stand behind!

    If anyone in the community has read books from Classic Wine Library, please do chime in with your reviews and feedback!

  • Have not yet read them but some titles, namely Port/Douro and Sherry have been very highly recommended to me from people I look up to.
  • The Link provided here seems not working, and through the website , there isn't the option to receive the books in the US. Any idea? Thank you
  • In reply to Macri Nemec:

    Hi Macri! The link is working just fine for me this morning. Perhaps try another browser? There is an option described there for purchase in the US.
  • Just got mine. I'll just say this so far, had I paid $40 instead of $20, I would have been very underwhelmed with the quality of the books themselves. I'm sure the content will be good and useful, just saying that these do not look like $40 books that I bought for $20.
  • In reply to Charlie Deal:

    Same for meas Charlie. Happy to add them to my growing library and I like having books focused on specific regions. But they don't quite strike me as $40 books. But still, very glad to have them.
  • "Classic Wine Library books are, quite simply, the best wine books in the world for people who are seriously interested in wine and spirits."
    Shots fired Jancis Robinson and Clive Coats
  • I do have some of them (Austria, port, madeira, sherry) and I believe they are all truly great and comprehensive! I will definitely complete my collection...