Wine appraiser for tax write off purposes?

Anyone out there who is, or knows of, a qualified wine appraiser? This is for tax deduction purposes for a donor that gifted $15K worth of wine last year to a non profit institute. Thanks in advance, Keith.

  • If you find a good one one, I'd be interested in the contact info. We recently started a wine/beverage education 501(c)(3) in the southeast and may need a referral if a donor asks for one.
  • In reply to Philip Burrus:

    I've done a few appraisals in North Carolina, both for insurance purposes and for divorces. I have owned a retail wine shop for 6 years, so I know how to take an inventory, and I've a PhD in molecular biology, so I know how to take notes and keep a record of what I've done. And most importantly, I'm married to an attorney who helped me draft a document that would stand up to scrutiny if/when I was deposed. She also provided me with a list from the real property appraisal rules and regs on how to go about writing an appraisal.

    The gist of it isn't hard - take a detailed inventory, define what value you're providing (replacement cost? fair market value?), list your sources, and describe in detail how you arrive at those values. Many of us can do all of that. The thing most people don't want to/cannot do is prepare a document of legal quality, and/or put themselves out there as someone willing to be deposed and defend the values they come up with. In the divorce cases I've provided valuations for, nobody has challenged the values I provide, and when Mrs says the collection is worth $250k and Mr says it's worth $50, it's worth paying me a few grand to figure out who is closest to correct.