Wine service - refusing ?

Wondering what others would do in this situation 

We had a guest order a bottle of Sancerre. Wine was presented, tasted and approved by the host.  Poured for table of 5 guests. Lady (not host) insists the wine is not cold enough and demands we replace the wine poured with another colder bottle. We did and had to toss all the wine poured.

I was just wondering what others would do... Is it reasonable for the restaurant to replace the bottle at no charge?

  • That's a bummer, but I would have done the same exact thing. Eat the cost to make the guest happy. Put notes in the OT profile and make sure you have colder wine the next time they come in.
  • For me this is a sticky situation... reading the table would be very important on how to proceed. I would first revert back to the the Host and let them speak first. They ordered the wine and approved it. My first instinct is to protect the integrity of the person who ordered the wine. The question that comes to mind, is our Lady guest refusing the wine to undermine the host and their choice of wine? What make me think this is a "power play" by our Lady is that instead of asking what temperature the wine was stored she immediately demanded that the wine be replaced. This is classic passive-aggressive behavior to belittle the Host. I would let the Host address how to proceed...if the host is in agreement with our Lady I would immediately replace the bottle. If the Host is silent or states that they are happy with the temperature I would ask if I could get a second bottle on ice right away for the preference of our Lady guest and offer to replace her glass of Sancerre with a complementary glass of bubbles while the new bottle of Sancerre chilled.

    Cheers to not having to walk that tightrope all to often.
  • done that with a bottle of 2010 opus one the guest insisted that it was bad due color of the cork, offered to open another bottle of the same vintage but, but no go, just high maintenance egomaniacs, luckily its a casino and the cost isn't an issue so I got to share use the bottle for "educational" purposes........
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    That's a lot of assumptions. Just because she didn't ask what temp the wine is stored? I'd also tread very lightly with the confirming with the host tact. If this person is the "host-belittling, power-play-making" a-hole you seem to be describing them as, I doubt checking with the host before you acted on her demands would go over very well with her.

    Let's not rule out the possibility that the wine was simply not cold enough and the host didn't notice or didn't care.

    Why not simply and very audibly restate her demand? "I'm sorry the wine is not cold enough for you. I can bring you another." Pause just long enough to give someone else a chance to speak up. If they do, you might be saved because now it's on them to sort out. If nobody says anything, then you've got your answer and should go fetch another bottle and an ice bucket.

    Either that or just eat the $18 and bring them another.
  • If it's only one person, why not transfer the wine to a decanter and then make a show of swirling it in an ice bucket to chill the wine then serving it back into a fresh glass. This would give her the attention she wants while diffusing any passive-aggression towards the host. Plus, it saves you from having to eat the bottle if everyone else if happy with the wine. There are some people who just want their wine ice cold so they can't taste it (granted they usually drink Rombauer and not Sancerre). No need to over-chill the bottle for the other guests.
  • In reply to Charlie Deal:

    I think we are on the same page. I was saying in a long way... That I would wait for the Host's approval to bring another bottle before just agreeing with our Matriarch. 

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    Wow! Someone refused a bottle due to the "color" of the cork? Was the wine approved by the host?