Help- Grand Crus of Alsace saying

A while back I read a neat little saying to remember all of the Grand Crus of Alsace and now I can't seem to find it. Can anyone point me to where it is?

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  • Copied from Mr. Eric Crane in an earlier discussion thread...this might be harder to memorize than just memorizing the GCs!

    BR: Frankenstein's Castle brewed tall stein klutzes while winning Alton Brown's big biting wolf helm. Engel's kirsch bars prowl munching zotz.

    HR: Kitty's gold Glock brand rose seering summer spores ranging first floors marking owl fingers. Oster's stein art from Mark can hang Hatch's stein grubble. Caffeine ma'am, showing sunny glances. Spiegel's mandible wine schloss versus Zin Cup's schloss! Big Kirsch's robes kiss each first cig- guess Alton Brown's big hem.

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    You've got to be kidding me!

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    I recommend a more personalized memory palace for trying to memorize something of this length.

    For more information on memory palaces the book "Moonwalking with Einstein" By Joshua Foer is invaluable.

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    I second Jacob's recommendation. The "memory palace" has been used for a couple thousand years as a mnemonic device. Anyone studying for higher level examinations should be aware of it.

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    Are you going to to through that entire saying when asked a question about Grand Crus on the exam, aside from standing there for 10 minutes until the right answer came to you I think there are more effective ways to remember. For example, try printing out a double sided map of alsace, but on one side white out the villages. Then learn each village using dry erase marker and repetition. Within each village begin to learn what the Grand Crus are emphasizing those that are more important which can be discovered on a site such as this: Then begin to write both the viallages and the Grand Crus within giving an asterix to those that are more substantial. In all actuality you should by all rights just limit your memory to those that are the most well-known and important for the examination purposes. This method will give you a visual memory of the Grand Crus of Alsace. This may be a form of Memory Palaceing, Im not sure I haven't read the book, but it has been quite effective for me. Good Luck!

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    Thanks for this!
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    This isn't memory palace a la method loci but it's definitely helpful
    I spent several months building method loci for different regions and neglected to flesh out the context making the lists trivial
  • Alex, we could just grab a drink together and some barbecue sometime.
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    I do that every time, yes. Even when eating crawfish.