Deductive tasting workshop

Has anyone taken this workshop and is it worth the cost? Studying for certified. Hoping for some insight before I register for the workshop! Thanks

  • That is by far the best money you can spend to help you in understanding blind tasting. The cost of the wines poured more than justifies it. PLUS: coaching by Master Sommeliers! Ask questions - don't be a wallflower!
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    Thank you! Just the advice I was hoping for.
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    Brittany- Where is the workshop?
  • Similar question - my girlfriend is going to take the intro class the two days prior to me taking the deductive class (same town). Intro class is a requirement for the deductive class. I'm fine because I took my intro class a few months ago but would they let her sign up for the deductive class the very next day?
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    I'm taking the one in Charleston, South Carolina on the 7th.
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    All it says is that you must take the intro course prior to the workshop. I would confirm its nit an issue but in the event they don't pass I'm not sure if she would forfeit the course cost. Doesn't hurt to check!
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    Brittany-See you at McCrady's! Can also connect you with people in Charlotte studying for Certified and Advanced.
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    Thank you Jodi! That would be great!
  • Question... I'm about to be taking the deductive tasting workshop... I obviously passed the intro exam but I feel like tasting is my weakness.... I can learn theory but I haven't developed great tasting skills.... is it okay for me to attend the workshop and hopefully improve my tasting skills there.... or should I prepare in advance. Are the students put on the spot a lot? Also how big is the workshop?
  • I would love to take the deductive tasting workshop; however, on the website, there doesn't seem to be any new dates announced.
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    Yeah the only current open one is Napa 4/4. I've noticed there tends to be fewer of these.
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    I just took it this month (the day before my Certified exam, actually). Yes, it's absolutely ok to attend with the intent of improving your tasting skills. That's why everyone is there. There will be people at varying levels of skill, some who have just taken the intro course, some who have been studying at length, some who are using it as a last-minute tune-up before certified, and even some just taking it for fun. As far as preparedness, as long as you felt reasonably comfortable in intro, you should be fine. If you can bring some decent theory to the table (like what might indicate old world vs. new, cool climate vs. warm, thick skinned grape vs. thin, etc) even better. The workshop I attended had 48 participants, divided in six groups of eight, with six masters leading the workshop. The masters lead the whole class through the tasting grid on 4-6 wines, and there are two flights of eight wines that are done in the small groups (each with a master at the table), with each student taking the lead on one wine in each flight (someone who is totally uncomfortable doing so could probably pass, but no one in my group did). And, as always, doing your best to accurately describe a wine and draw a logical conclusion is more important than getting it 100% right.
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    Wow thank you for the positive and detailed reply! Very helpful info. I had to take the intro exam twice (I showed up to my first one 100% unprepared... had no idea what I was getting myself into) but then obviously prepared for the second time and obviously passed if I'm inquiring about the deductive tasting workshop. Not sure when I'll take my certified exam, but I can definitely admit I need work on my tasting skills. So yes I felt comfortable at intro, but maybe that was bc I did it twice!

    Did you pass your certified exam? I'm sure the workshop helped a lot. Regarding theory for the certified exam, what are the best resources to study? I'm also not sure how many questions are on the certified level and what score is needed to pass