Paso Robles

I just want to unapologetically go on record here [I realize the audience in this forum will be more experienced wine drinkers and those I look up to] that I freakin LOVE Paso Robles. 

I catch a lot of flack from my wino friends and somms who tell me "ah, eventually when you learn and develop your palate you won't" but you know what, this place rules. Sorry. I don't care!

For beginners like myself I think its such a beautiful way into this blessed lifelong journey of enjoying grape juice and I think we should all embrace it. 

The wines from here are so non-intimidating, I think they're the perfect way to give people the bug (a cheap paso cab by the glass is what got me hooked on wine couple years back). 

To me, (and it's obvious why) they're just such easier wines to learn from, focus on flavors, experience, and characteristics versus the French wines most courses/books start with. Perhaps it'd be a better way to start some beginner level tasting courses etc?  [a petite sirah I had by the glass last week made me literally smile ear to ear and enjoy every sip while a Margaux I had at a tasting the same weekend left me feeling frustrated in myself for not getting it]