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First time visiting vineyards as an industry professional: dress code?

Hi everyone! I am about to leave for Napa and Sonoma for 10 days to visit a number of vineyards and wineries. I was hoping to get a little guidance on what is appropriate attire for the visits. I want to look professional, but I do not want to be over dressed or uncomfortable, if the tour involves being on the vineyards themselves. Could I get a little advice?



  • Hi Mark! When my wife and I went to Napa for our one year anniversary we wondered the same thing. We packed clothes for casual and also business casual. When we arrived there we quickly realized how laid back everyone was. I would say don't worry about bringing a suit at all, just a couple of nice dress shirts and jeans to match with comfortable shoes. I wore dress shoes with my outfit for the first day but then quickly changed to comfortable sneakers after. I hope this helps! Have fun and enjoy!
  • Comfortable shoes (clarks dessert boots are great), nice jeans, casual button up shirt and a very casual sport coat are my go to.
  • They nailed it. Wonderful thing about Napa is the "dress code" of nice jeans and button down shirt. For evenings, pretty much can stick with that or throw on a sport coat if you like.

    Comfortable shoes are recommended, especially if you'll be heading into the vineyards with some of the staff or winemakers, as the ground is still pretty wet here. Also recommend a hat if hitting the vineyards.

    It's a gorgeous time here so enjoy !

  • Mark,

    Make sure you bring plenty of business cards as well. It is a great area to make life long friends and contacts. Wear comfortable shoes to walk the vineyards, ask plenty of questions, it is a great learning experience, and most importantly, don't forget to have fun and enjoy yourself!
  • Comfortable shoes (or boots) for a vineyard walkthrough that you don't mind getting muddy, jeans, and a collared shirt are what I tend to pack. Business cards are very important. You can also check websites of wineries you are visiting and see how they are dressed...