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Resources for Vintages

Hi there hive sommelier mind. I was wondering if anyone has a killer resource for vintages that they could share.


  • While I'm a natural skeptic of vintage guides, I think Jancis Robinson's site is worth looking at.

    We have some thoughts about developing something with regards to vintages, but it won't be happening anytime soon.
  • I like BBR and Decanter. Parker is worth looking at as well. If you poke around used book stores you can find older wine books that discuss older vintages in fascinating detail. These are worth searching out.
  • Jancis Robinson's covers many regions along with good info regarding each vintage. I find Parker's good for side by side comparison.
  • I usually compile Jancis, Decanter, Parker, and Spectator. I find that looking at all four usually means I've spent enough time that the research itself will stick in my head, and I'll usually get the full breadth of pros and cons for each vintage (i.e. Parker might think something is great while Jancis thinks it is overripe and Spectator thinks it is producer dependent - also helps you get a sense of the bias of the various outlets).