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Blind Tasting hang ups

Okay, so here's my start to a discussion board thread. (and by the way- thanks Andy and Nick!).


There are wines that I miss all the time in blind tastings. And after the tasting I always am the first to say, "But I love that wine!" And then I go out and buy ten examples of the wine that I "love". And I drink them. And I read about them. And I enjoy them. And then I go to a blind tasting and instead of landing the flight I crash it. Because one of the these wines I "love" is what I misbelieved.


I'm a firm believer in "bankers" and "Achilles heels" but how many times do you (anyone reading this thread) taste a wine and miss it and think to yourself "but I love (insert emoji here if you're that person) that wine???"


Here's my take.


I don't really love that wine I miss because I never recognize it. Maybe that's the case! If you never get Rioja and claim to love Rioja you might need to rethink the relationship. And you may ask yourself, "How do I nail this?" I mean, maybe David does. But sometimes you don't connect.


Does anyone else miss "wines they love" consistently? How do you get past blind spots? Do you love them?


Asking for a friend.


And yes Jeff, I am popping popcorn.


  • I'm only at the certified level, but I think that - when tasting - one problem may be in the wines choose for practice.
    For example, if I'm tasting nebbiolo I don't expect new oak. If someone in my tasting group has chosen a Barolo with new oak on it then they've done me a disservice, as far as CMS exams go.
    I know the CMS provides a list of examinable grape varieties, which I appreciate. What I would love is a list of classic producers we might see on an exam. For example: Rioja - Lopez de Heredia. Nebbiolo - Gaja or Produtorri, etc...
    Just a thought:)
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