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Bordeaux Trip Recommendations?

Hello GuildSomm Family,


I did a lot of searching on this forum, but I couldn't find much information about traveling in Bordeaux. I'll be traveling to Bordeaux for ~2 days in the last week of December 2017. Any tips/recommendations on what to do/see/must-visit wineries/restaurants? Any advice on booking tastings/tours? I'd love to be able to visit some First Growth Chateaux. Thank you!

  • If you are not buying wine in a supply chain from the firsts it maybe difficult without a local guide/precessional... lucky for you Bordeaux has lots of them,..
    Good luck
  • You should absolutley go, Anthony! But know that entry to top-tier Chateaux (like a First Growth or equivalent) is pretty much solely determined by commercial connections, or by knowing the right people. If you currently move large quantities of Bordeaux then use the people you buy it from to obtain appointments for you. If not, don't hesitate! Go anyway! But I would go to the Right Bank, the properties are much smaller, and St Emilion is absolutely gorgeous. For dining hit Envers du Decor and Logis de la Cadenne.
  • Make sure to check ahead that there is enough open that will make the trip worthwhile. Visits to domaines really start to slow down in France after harvest and a lot is closed, if not sporadically open, in December around the holidays.
  • You must go to St. Emilion. A MUST! many restaurants to pick from, and a vast selection of wine stores!!