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Restaurant Wine Dinners: Best Format and Practices

Hello, all!

I am curious if anybody has insight and experience on the most interesting and productive ways to host a private wine pairing dinner at a restaurant. I know there are a few threads on this topic, but I couldn't find anything recently. 

I am currently the Wine Director for a small farm to table restaurant in North Carolina (37 total seats). We currently host wine pairing dinners once a month and cap the ticket sales at 30 people. We have had success overall with all of them this year, but there are always a few issues we encounter in terms of layout/format/pacing/noise/alcohol intake etc...

My main question is if you have hosted private wine dinners before, or have attended enough to have ideas about what works and what does not, do you have any recommendations on organization, wine selection, layout, overall presentation of the wine and food (introductions and speaking points, not glassware/food presentation), how to control the room, pouring the wine, handling guests that continue to speak while you are, balancing education vs entertaining, gratuity for staff, etc...

For example, we have done sparkling on arrival, and we have done nothing on arrival. We typically address the room as a group at the beginning of the dinner, and again before each wine is poured and each course comes out. We use that time to explain what is in the bottle, why we chose it, and how the food will compliment the wine. The food typically follows the wine with minimal delay.

I know this is broad, but please post if you have any best practices on things that you have done to consistently keep guests entertained and happy for a full evening of wine pairings.

Thank you!!