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Ah So recommendations?

Looking to buy an Ah So but I am having trouble finding info on the qualities of different brands and the general value/quality difference between a cheap vs more expensive option. Anyone have any thoughts/ recommendations? 

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  • I have gone through way too many cheap versions ! I try to use my ah so every night on the floor when possible, so I did a bunch of research before I purchased my current one, a Peugeot. The Monopol looks decent, I was just skeptical about the strength of the tines which often bend after heavy usage. Although my Peugeot is a bit weighty, it has much more of a classy appearance than any other ah so Ive seen and has been very durable in the past 3 years of service. I get compliments on it all the time. The price is similar to the monopol. The Durand is pretty much the best wine opener available. I cant wait to own one !

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