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Beverage trends: Early 2018 edition

We haven't had this conversation in a while, and I think it's high time! What are the beverage trends you're seeing in your market right now, and what do you think is ahead?

Here are a few to get us started... I think younger consumers are more curious than ever to learn, evidenced by the market for classes, consumer-oriented books on wine, and expert-driven wine clubs, as well as the ongoing success of sites like 's Wine Folly. "Unique" grapes are still cool, perhaps an evolution of earlier enthusiasm around natural wine, orange wine, etc. Restaurants seem to be tipping back toward fine dining.

What do you think?

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  • The biggest trend I've noticed is Importers and Distributors selling wine through Instagram. They "announce" the new arrival and its gone before you know it. They've realized people are locked into Instagram on their respective devices and have figured out how to capitalize on it. 

    Not that I think this is new, but I keep seeing more people talking about it, the "hip-ness" of Pinot Meunier varietal-Champagnes. Special Club seems to be cool again. 

    It seems like Spanish wine is gaining some ground outside of traditional regions. I don't necessarily think the wines are as rare, or as cool, as Instagram makes them out to be. 

    I definitely think this trend has been happening for a while, but I feel like guests are finally asking for Chablis rather than me having to sell them on it. 

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