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Beverage trends: Early 2018 edition

We haven't had this conversation in a while, and I think it's high time! What are the beverage trends you're seeing in your market right now, and what do you think is ahead?

Here are a few to get us started... I think younger consumers are more curious than ever to learn, evidenced by the market for classes, consumer-oriented books on wine, and expert-driven wine clubs, as well as the ongoing success of sites like 's Wine Folly. "Unique" grapes are still cool, perhaps an evolution of earlier enthusiasm around natural wine, orange wine, etc. Restaurants seem to be tipping back toward fine dining.

What do you think?

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  • People being open to trying new grapes - this is especially true of whites from Italy, Greece and Portugal. Customers seem more and more come in with an idea of the style of wine they want to drink, and as long as the product fits that, they're open to exploring the less well known regions of the world. Millennial's seem to really want to learn about the world of wine, and with this comes the step away from traditional regions to places they've never heard of. The success of Wachau seems to come from this. 

    At least that's my perspective on my area of the London on-trade.  

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