Ruby vs. Garnet

At our weekly tasting group this week I brought up a discussion about Ruby vs. Garnet.  I have a background as a lighting designer and visual artist and had always viewed Ruby as the lighter in hue color and Garnet being the darker in hue.  My group and the grid seems to differ from my understanding.  Garnet is lighter and moves darker to ruby then to purple according to the grid.  I'm just trying to reconcile my understanding.  Any thoughts or insight?  Or should I just shift my paradigm to fit with the grid?

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  • This is one that stuck with me for years and I picked it up in the Intro Course (Im pretty sure it was who laid this gem on me)

    The Orange Rim grapes for Blind Tasting:

    2 from France, 2 From Spain, and 2 from Italy

    Pinot Noir and Merlot (France)
    Garnacha and Tempranillo (Spain)
    Nebbiolo and Sangiovese (Italy)

    This is for grapes, and not just regions and over the years I have observed this still holds up and is a salient piece of information...

    Good luck Jason

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