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Clear Sky Software

Hello all!  This question is specifically directed to the Hotel and Country Club people.  We use a combination of Jonas and Accubar which has its positives and negatives.  Does anyone have experience with Clear Sky software?  Good, Bad, Indifferent.  I would like to switch to BinWise for beverage operations, but as of now, they don't integrate with Jonas.  

  • Hi Adam,

    I currently work for a private club in Honolulu HI and use ClearSky. I don't have much experience other than Accubar and ClearSky but so far i like ClearSky better. the pros for ClearSky would be that its easy to pull up inventory information (New entries and edits) and conduct inventory (fast scanning and syncing etc). Cons, issuing each item in the system from the "wine cellar" to the "outlet" it was sold can be a bit of a hassle. But i must say, having a wine cellar worth about 250k and finishing inventory within an hour or 2 is great with ClearSky. the ease of pulling reports is another plus.

    Sorry but not familiar with BinWise. hope this helps.