Mandatory harvest dates for sparkling wines?

Hello Everybody
I'm just reading up on laws and regulations regarding various sparkling wine productions and have a question about harvest dates. I know that Champagne harvest dates are very strictly regulated by the INAO, but I can't seem to find if any other sparklings have such regulations. I think I remember something similar being the case for Franciacorta but I can't find anything official. If anybody out there could help me, preferably with links to a source, or which book I may need to look over it would be very much appreciated.

  • While harvest dates can be specifically controlled, they often change each year.  Like many rules and regulations, the ones that we post are based on minimums and maximums, but there is often a published range that allows for a more appropriate decision to be made each vintage. I doubt that you would see the publication of a mandated harvest date.  By the time it made it to print, the next vintage would be upon us.  The best source for this would be to reach out to each individual growers association, or consozio. Try and send them an email.