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Bâtonnage - stirring up the conversation on women and wine

Hey all!

As it turns out, I decided to make my "wish" for 2018 from the GuildSomm 2017 Year in Review podcast come true: I'm planning a day-long forum that opens up a conversation surrounding those who identify as women in the wine industry. The event is called Bâtonnage, and it's happening July 28 in Napa (SAVE THE DATE!).

Our intention is to educate wine professionals, as well as consumers and wine industry supporters, on the unique challenges and opportunities that women in the field – winemakers, vineyard workers, writers and marketers, salespeople, sommeliers, collectors, and drinkers – have faced both historically and present-day; we simultaneously seek to propose pragmatic solutions for charting a positive, inclusive course forward.

We're working on content and brainstorming panel topics right now. There is SO much to include, it will likely have to spill into an annual event ;) but we would love to hear from you about what topics you'd enjoy hearing discussed. Thoughts??

  • It would be great to see some panels or discussions from female pioneers on how they got to where they are. Maybe some topics could include how to be taken seriously in the field, how to find your path in the industry, how to seek mentorship, how to build your brand, how to find scholarships and write resumes or personal marketing collateral in such as way as to be taken seriously. If I think of some others I will post, those are just the top of my head. 

    I would love to attend, please keep us posted! I saved the date in my calendar.

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