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Germany Visit Sept/Oct 2018

Greetings Everyone,

I'm going to be visiting Germany at the end of the year. We will be in Frankfurt for about 4 days and from everything I've read that seems to be the closest to the major wine regions. Does anyone have any suggestions on areas to visit near Frankfurt? I want to drive to the Mosel Valley. Any specific wineries, places to eat, etc?

We will be in Berlin and Cologne as well.


  • I would definitely recommend Robert Weil (Kiedrich), Fritz Haag (Brauneberg), Dr. Loosen (Berkastel), Maximin Grunhaus (Ruwer Valley) Whittman (Westhofen) who is biodynamic and the owner is the President of the regions V.D.P. If the estate is not V.D.P. it's probably not worth your time to be honest, also look to taste the estates Grosses Gewachs everywhere you go. Have a blast!

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