Alto Adige- Trento Trip

After taking the Master class on Alto Adige I have found my work is taking me to Switzerland in July and I am extending the trip to do some wine tasting in the Sudtirol area.

I have no plan at this moment other than when I arrive and depart. I will have a car but, speak absolutely no Italian (shame on me). 

Does anyone have any MUST do's in the area beyond Ferrari?

Thank you in advance!

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  • You won't need Italian in Alto Adige (Trento is different). If you try speaking in Italian they will answer back in German or English.

    For wineries, there are lots of great ones but some personal favorites include: Terlan, Castelfeder, Waldgries, Gojer and Kuenhof. Also I recommend a visit to Abbazia di Novacella. They have a public tasting room and it is a working monastery.

    My favorite restaurant in Alto Adige is Patscheider-hof