Small bottles for blind tasting

Sorry if this is a redundant post, but I have been hearing a bit about breaking down bottles into smaller (2-4oz) bottles for blind tasting. Getting 8-10 tastings out of a $50 bottle sounds like a much better idea than having to drink most of the 4 or 6 bottles I open weekly to blind taste at home. I found an old post on the forum here, just wanted to see what people's experiences are more recently. 

What I have read:

- Buy 2-4 oz bottles with screw lid. Prime bottles before filling.

- break down a 750ml bottle, label with a code that tells you what the bottle is, and refrigerate. Pull reds out 1/2 hour before tasting. 

- Multiple tastes from multiple bottles, all random, no bottle shape to give clues. 

My biggest questions are:

Do you top these bottles off with gas?

How long can I keep them/how long will they last?

Is it worth it?

I try to do a flight of 4-6 wines 1-2 times a week, which costs about $200 a week. Finding a more cost effective way would be great, but only if the wines are still able to teach me something. 

All input is greatly appreciated.