Sequence of verbiage when presenting a bottle to a table

Hello, I've always had it in my mind that when presenting Old World wines, the way the verbiage sequence when introducing the bottle to the guest was:

"Producer, Appellation, (Variety if Stated on Bottle), Vintage"

I am having some doubts as to presenting this new producer (but old world) bottle: Donnafugata, Mille E Una Notte, Sicily, 2012 (mix of Nero d'Avola, Pertit Verdot, Syrah etc)

Producer: Donnafugata

Appellation: Contessa Entellina DOC

Vintage: 2012

... So should I present it as "Donnafugata, Contessa Entellina. 2012" - just that not many are aware of Contessa Entellina DOC and it is NOT stated on the bottle (I had to look it up).

Also, "Mille E Una Notte" is the Fantasy Name stated on the bottle, is it usual not to say out the Fantasy Name? Thanks.