Sequence of verbiage when presenting a bottle to a table

Hello, I've always had it in my mind that when presenting Old World wines, the way the verbiage sequence when introducing the bottle to the guest was:

"Producer, Appellation, (Variety if Stated on Bottle), Vintage"

I am having some doubts as to presenting this new producer (but old world) bottle: Donnafugata, Mille E Una Notte, Sicily, 2012 (mix of Nero d'Avola, Pertit Verdot, Syrah etc)

Producer: Donnafugata

Appellation: Contessa Entellina DOC

Vintage: 2012

... So should I present it as "Donnafugata, Contessa Entellina. 2012" - just that not many are aware of Contessa Entellina DOC and it is NOT stated on the bottle (I had to look it up).

Also, "Mille E Una Notte" is the Fantasy Name stated on the bottle, is it usual not to say out the Fantasy Name? Thanks.

  • I think this is easily solved by thinking of what kind of interaction you would want to have when you're on the other side sitting in the dining room being waited on. Let's say you order a bottle of 2014 Sassicaia. Would you really want the server to come up to you and say "Here is your Tenuta San Guido, Bolgheri Sassicaia DOC, Sassicaia, 2014" or would you be totally fine with them saying, "Here's your 2014 Sassicaia." I think the first example just seems silly, and I think this wine from Donnafuata presents itself in the same way. "Donnafugata Mille e Una Notte, (Vintage)" will work perfectly fine when showing the bottle to the guest and I guarantee no one will feel slighted by not being told the DOC that isn't printed on the bottle or on your wine list. 

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