List of cocktails to know for certified exam

Hello, I am currently studying for my certified exam and I wondered if anyone had a list of cocktails which are expected to be learnt for the certified exam?



  • As has been mentioned, cocktails mostly come up during service.  There may have been a question in theory, but I don't recall.  I would say, far more important than memorizing every cocktail is to make sure your points of service are on lock-down.  If you're freaking out about that stuff, they could stump you by asking your name.  I know this much, I didn't practice service enough and wasn't able to answer plenty of questions that I was able to recall, basically all of, the second I left the room.  All because the actual service, like who gets served first, etc. was forefront in my mind as opposed to second nature.

    I passed, but, based on my evaluation, it seemed to be the weakest of the three for me.

    I guess my point is, unless you can memorize the entire list of cocktails, you'll need to get a little lucky (I did as both were drinks I just happened to know very well).  But that's two questions out of a bunch you'll be asked.  Better to focus on getting good enough on the actual service elements so that you'll feel as relaxed as possible and less likely to choke on answers to questions that you actually know.

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