"Alternative" Wine Professional Certification Bodies


As I'm sure most of you are, I'm interested in increasing my level of professional certification in wine. I'm employed in the wine industry, but I do not work on a restaurant floor and have no ambition to so. From talking to people in similar situations, I've found that a popular choice is to pursue those certificates offered from either the WSET or the Society of Wine Educators (although a fair number of folks seem to stick with the Court anyway even though they do not work on the hospitality side). I was curious to see what the community's thoughts were on the three different tracks as they would apply to someone in my situation.

I currently hold a CSW certificate from the SWE. I also passed the Intro course with the Court, but since it was back in 2012, I believe I would need to re-take the course before sitting for the Certified. I do not hold any certifications from WSET, but I am interested in that track as well.

Thanks so much,