How much would you pay for a glass of Krug?

Hello everyone-

I just got approached by the good people at LVMH, offering half bottles of Krug for a BTG placement. Though it's not perfect for my cost, I settled on $99 for two glasses, and I think that's pretty good for the higher-end steakhouse where I work. My boss, on the other hand, thought it was "obscenely expensive" and will only let me list it at $59, which hurts big time for my percentage. Ouchie. 

What have you seen price-wise for Grande Cuvee? There's a little Italian place in Boulder that does $40 a glass, but I haven't seen it anywhere else. Help me. 

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  • I think you are better off just selling it as a half bottle, and can list it in your by the glass offerings.  We sold half bottles of it at EMP for $125, and I would assume they still do. We listed it with our other BTG bubbles and put it on the champagne cart, but didn't sell it by the glass.  For me, the half bottles have always shown with a touch less energy and brightness than the full bottles, and I doubt you are pouring 6 ounce glasses of champagne.    It doesn't pay to waste your time saving 2 ounces from each bottle to put into the next order, only for it to have gone half flat in 2 hours. 

    If it is hurting your KPI's that much, just show your boss the numbers.  Make them take it out of your GP reporting if they insist on making such a small  margin.  

    Back in the day, Union Sq Cafe was selling the half bottles for $65.  It was a great offer.   Just spread the word that you are doing it, and make Krug flow like the Colorado River.