How much would you pay for a glass of Krug?

Hello everyone-

I just got approached by the good people at LVMH, offering half bottles of Krug for a BTG placement. Though it's not perfect for my cost, I settled on $99 for two glasses, and I think that's pretty good for the higher-end steakhouse where I work. My boss, on the other hand, thought it was "obscenely expensive" and will only let me list it at $59, which hurts big time for my percentage. Ouchie. 

What have you seen price-wise for Grande Cuvee? There's a little Italian place in Boulder that does $40 a glass, but I haven't seen it anywhere else. Help me. 

  • I sell Dom vintage 2006 for 35$/glass. I have a Moet Imperial btg at 18$. I think if you want to sell Krug btg for 49.5$ btg you might have a bit of a problem. I would come down to 38$ or so for it... and since you are selling half bottles maybe you could print some literature and make a cool special and advertise it. Best of luck!

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