If You Read Anything This Week: Wine News 11.09.2018

Qupé sold: Central Coast winery Qupé has been sold to Vintage Wine Estates by Terroir Life, the company owned by Charles Banks, who is now serving time in federal prison for wire fraud. Founder Bob Lindquist will stay on as consulting winemaker. Qupé is known for cool-climate wines made from Rhône grapes. [Decanter]

Heritance buys Saracina: Napa brand Heritance, owned by the Taub family (also behind wine importer Palm Bay International), has purchased Mendocino’s Saracina Vineyards from John Fetzer and his wife, Patty Rock. The Taubs plan to move production of their California brands to the Saracina winemaking facility. [Wine Spectator]

Resy acquires Reserve: Last week, the founders of Resy announced that they would acquire Reserve, a major competitor. The acquisition will simplify the reservation landscape for diners and likely lead to increasingly lower costs for restaurants, as well as continued improvements across that industry. [Grub Street]

New York’s cider revival: In the Northeastern US, over 14,000 varieties of apples were grown just 200 years ago, a number that has dropped to the double digits in recent history. But cideries in the Hudson Valley and nearby are focusing on heirloom and European cider apples or even foraging for fruit, reviving the category. [NYT]

UK drinks trends: The Waitrose food and drinks trends report for 2018, based on consumer research in the Britain, has been released. Trends include frosé, pink gin, a continued increase in sales of sparkling wine, and the rising popularity of nonalcoholic options. [The Drinks Business]

Our favorite SevenFifty Daily article this week

Intro to esters: SevenFifty Daily offers an introduction to the science of esters—a topic still not fully understood. Over 160 esters have been identified in wine, and in combination, certain esters can create entirely different aromas. Most are created during fermentation, rather than originating in grapes. [SevenFifty Daily]

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