Which path do you prefer for a young Somm?

Hello everyone,

I am a young sommelier 24, whose been in food service and restaurant since 16. Just recently though in the last two years have I gotten into and chose to focus on wine. The last restaurant I was at I got promoted from bartender to Bar Manager and Sommelier, as I was about the only person showing interest and passion. 

I have just moved recently to Portland OR, from Denver CO, to get closer to a bunch of wineries and AVAs.

The new job I have found myself in is being an assistant manager at a restaurant with over site of the wines. About a 150-200 bottle list. 

Here's where I am wondering if I am straying off course.

Should I instead be working under a better and more knowledgeable Somm and more established restaurant to learn and grow through that? To understand how a great places does it and all that goes behind the scenes. To have a mentor.

Or do you prefer the more self learning route, which I have for the most part been on. Where I continue to advance and gain more and more management experience. And positions where I would be over looking wine lists and buying. 

I see both as viable great options. I would love to hear from everyone and their experiences on which route they have taken or would guide a younger Somm on.