2019 Predictions?

We just finished recording our 2018 year in review podcast. Each year we ask our guests for any predictions for 2019. 

What are your predictions for the wine world in 2019? Trends, styles, hot topics?

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  • Predictions?  Let me just put on my robe and wizard hat...

    1. Cognac is gonna come back like it never went out of style.  Same with Vodka.

    2. You'll see more and more marketing for wine rather than spirits on tv and the internet.

    3. $14-$20 glasses of wine will be more and more common in restaurants & bars outside of big cities due to demand.

    4. Conversely, retailers will see a BOOM in the >$15 segment in their stores.  $30-$48 will take a hit.

    5. There will be a celebrity endorsement for "Natural Wine" and it will go very poorly.  Memes will be made.