If You Read Anything This Week: Wine News 1/4/2019

Leaders lost in 2018: Wine Spectator remembers important figures of the wine and food industry who died in 2018, including beloved California winemaker Ulises Valdez, Auguste Clape of Cornas, Bruno Giacosa of Barbaresco, Giuseppe Rinaldi of Barolo, California pioneers Kent Rosenblum and Robert Haas, and chef and television star Anthony Bourdain. [Wine Spectator]

2019 trends: Considering data from last year, 2019 predictions include further craft beer expansion, a resurgence in traditional drinks like gin and mead, and further transparency and sustainability efforts. As alcohol consumption decreases, consumers are increasingly valuing quality over quantity. [Beveragedaily.com]

California in 2019: Esther Mobley speculates about the stories that will define California wine—and the broader industry—in the year ahead. She predicts that availability of land in Napa, wildfires, immigration, the role of wine in pop culture, and next steps for the CMS will be among the key stories. [SF Chronicle]

Sustainability efforts: Producers talk about their sustainability efforts, including organic and biodynamic farming, seeking out certifications, creatively meeting water needs, reducing emissions, and adopting broader sustainability values that extend to workers and community impact. [The Drinks Business]

Intellect & heart: Eric Asimov discusses the appeal of wine to both intellect and heart and the fact that wines can fit one but not the other. In considering Tawny Port for the latest installment of Wine School, he notes that he enjoys Port but rarely drinks it, not finding a place for it in his daily routines—though, of course, many feel differently. [NYT]

Our favorite SevenFifty Daily article this week

Laura Catena’s career: Laura Catena, Managing Director of Argentina’s most influential winery, Bodega Catena Zapata, is also a physician, professor of medicine, and author of two books. A vocal ambassador for Argentina, she believes the country’s wines can compete with the best wines of the world. [SevenFifty Daily]

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