If You Read Anything This Week: Wine News 1/11/2019

Beer & the shutdown: The TTB is among the federal agencies closed due to the government shutdown. Craft brewers are particularly impacted, as they seek approval for all new bottled beers, a process that typically takes just five to seven days. In 2018, the TTB received an average of 3,000 label applications per week, so the backlog is quickly growing. [NPR]

Interstate law at the Court: The Times gives an overview of interstate shipping and the case to be argued before the US Supreme Court on Wednesday. Tennessee Wine and Spirits Retailers Association v. Blair is about whether retail owners must be state residents, but many expect the court’s decision will impact interstate wine sales more broadly. [NYT]

Japan’s wine rules: Japan’s wine industry is the only sector of its alcoholic beverage market that’s growing by volume, and the government has released new regulations. Wines must be made with 100% domestically grown grapes to be labeled Japanese, with 85% of fruit from any geographical indication or grape listed. Yet for the nascent industry, the rules are a challenge. [Wine Spectator]

Constellation sales numbers: Constellation’s sales have continued rising, with brands priced above $11/bottle experiencing double-digit retail sales growth this past year. Yet less-expensive brands are struggling. Media outlets have reported that Constellation plans to sell poor-performing brands, but this has not been confirmed. [Decanter]

Defending white wine: Jancis Robinson questions why a bias against white wine seems to remain despite the fact that its sales rival those of red in many countries. She considers the history of red vs. white and points out the versatility, freshness, and ageability of white wine. [JancisRobinson.com]

Grapes on Mars: The IX Millennium project out of Georgia is working to develop grapevines that can grow in the agriculture pods planned for Mars. The research joins several other projects exploring agricultural options for Mars—though it’s the first focused on wine grapes. [The Washington Post]

Our favorite SevenFifty Daily article this week

More resolutions: SevenFifty Daily sourced resolutions from seven drinks professionals. Their goals included building a support network, pursuing cultural change and diversity, prioritizing exercise and work-life balance, and acknowledging mental illness. [SevenFifty Daily]

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