Birth Year Wine Case Allocation

If you were buying a birth year case of wine for someone, e.g., child, niece, nephew, etc., which you planned to drink with that person at special occasions as the person grew up (graduations, wedding, etc.), how would you allocate the twelve bottle selection? Would you buy a case of a single wine like a classed growth Bordeaux to watch the vintage evolve over time, or would you mix it up with wines and styles from around the world? I'd be curious to know what wines people would choose in an ideal birth year gift case and why. Not necessarily producers, but styles and regions. Thanks in advance!

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  • Given that my wife and I gave birth to our first child last year, this is something I've thought a fair bit about. We haven't yet bought anything, since very little from the 2018 vintage is on the market, and what is available is almost certainly not suitable for long-term aging. The approach we are currently favoring is to pick three-to-six wines and buy two-to-three bottles of each, which will allow us to explore certain wines several times, while still working with multiple styles and regions. While we haven't made any real decisions, I suspect we'll probably include a couple of wines from some of our favorite regions (Piedmont, Alsace, possibly Champagne) as well as some Washington wine, since we're in Seattle. I would be wary of buying a full case of any wine, both because who knows what the recipient will like as they grow up, and that way you're not too committed to any one wine on the off chance that it turns out to be disappointing after many years of aging.