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Birth Year Wine Case Allocation

If you were buying a birth year case of wine for someone, e.g., child, niece, nephew, etc., which you planned to drink with that person at special occasions as the person grew up (graduations, wedding, etc.), how would you allocate the twelve bottle selection? Would you buy a case of a single wine like a classed growth Bordeaux to watch the vintage evolve over time, or would you mix it up with wines and styles from around the world? I'd be curious to know what wines people would choose in an ideal birth year gift case and why. Not necessarily producers, but styles and regions. Thanks in advance!

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  • For the high end case purchase, IDK, there are tons of options.  I am sure I would purchase 3-4 bottles of a few wines that were reliable, from a region I liked and that I found at a good price.

    However, I would really stock up in case quantity on the great bang for the buck wine regions out there.  if the vintage was successful in the following regions, all can be had for $50 or less if you search, and a few are under $30:

    Northern Rhone: Graillot Crozes, Balthazar Chaillot, Levet CR

    Chianti Classico: Montevertine, Felsina

    Rioja: La Rioja Alta, CVNE, and one of the best QPR out there, Lopez de Heredia

    Loire CF: Baudry, C&P Breton, Olga Riffault