Cork Taint and Sparkling Wine

I just returned a bottle of Cava after detecting cork taint but the manager informed me, rather callously, that sparkling wine that undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle "simply can not" be affected.

This has never come up iny studies and I was sure that all wines with corks could be affected - what's the real deal?


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  • All besides the fact that sparkling wine can absolutely be corked, what would have possibly possessed this man to not accept the bottle back and simply replace it, and instead dispute the validity of your claim while in the on the floor of the place you purchased the wine? 

    I've happily replaced many bottle of wine that weren't actually corked before, refusing to do so is horrible hospitality.

    We reject barrels all the time for being delivered to the winery with TCA on them, but nothing will top the shipment of barrels that we had come in a truck that was also carrying a couple of old gasoline pumps that had just been removed from a gas station that was being torn up. You can imagine what the barrels smelled like...

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