Overheard at a wine bar...

Guest: "What is Txakolina?"

Server: "It's a Spanish white wine. It just means farm."

Sometimes sommeliers, servers, or bartenders don't know the answer, so they make something up! What have you overheard at restaurants or wine bars that made you do a double take?

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  • Tight fist, red face still when the memory jump in.

    VIP guest alert when the four guests sit down, being informed about background, management from top hotel chain. Manager greets, best server finish with food order, master wine menu presented, guest asks for suggestion, the junior somm recommend with 3 choices within 600 chocies.

    Isole e Olena Cepparello 2013 is served.

    ”smooth, nice! Can you tell us what is the grape?”

    Years passed, I still feel I am in a bubble when “a hundred percent of cabernet sauvignon” came out my mouth and guests nodded. Cab? Really?

    I studied IWS, visit the winery booth in Vinitaly, and others, still feel never, never enough to be a good somm. The nerves can kill.

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