Tim Hanni, MW on Food and Wine pairing: It's Bu@^#%t!


Was this comment meant to appease a specific group of people at a Sauv Blanc Convention or is he trying to start a revolution? 

I guess I understand some of what he's saying about generalizations not necessarily matching people and specific dishes, but then he goes off topics and starts talking about arrogant categorization, so I'm having trouble following his entire argument. Having spent hours finding the best pairing for a dish at times, I think I can comfortably say I disagree with this type of sentiment. 


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    This article provides a little more context, and I find myself prone to agree and disagree simultaneously with Tim. The point about not having diversity in style is still bothering me. If selling wine that way is the goal, might as well make it a commodity and only have a producer or two for each region making wine in bulk. 

    I'm coming around on his food and wine pairing argument, but still can't let it go that there's magic to be had if we can connect the person, the wine, and the dish together perfectly. He seems to be saying that somms and wineries are leaving out the person part of the equation, which is right on, and our job to make sure that is a significant part of the how we pair food and wine. 

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