If You Read Anything This Week: Wine News 3/22/2019

F&W 2019 Somms: Food & Wine has named its sommeliers of the year (LA),  (DC), Andy Fortgang (Portland), Vinny Eng (SF), Liz Martinez (Detroit),  and Miles White (Charleston), Haley Fortier (Boston), and Jorge Riera (NYC). Congratulations to all! [Food & Wine]

Another Vintage purchase: Vintage Wine Estates has purchased Laetitia, which will become the hub of its Central Coast production, including the Alloy Wine Works canned wine brand. Vintage also plans to build a new winery for Qupé on the approximately 2,000-acre property, which has 287 acres planted primarily to Pinot and Chardonnay and an additional 400 plantable acres. [Wine Spectator]

Australia update: Eric Asimov reports on the wine scene in Australia, where he found far more than powerful wines and well-known classics. Producers making wines of finesse and a cadre of natural winemakers reflect an evolution much like the one that has happened in the US. [NYT]

Juicy CA reds: On that theme, describes the lighter-styled red wines coming out of California at a notable clip. In Pursuit of Balance, the natural wine movement, and enthusiasm about carbonic maceration have contributed to a wave of wines in the style of Beaujolais, but made from a variety of grapes. It raises interesting questions about terroir—and, of course, the ever-swinging pendulum of trends. [SF Chronicle]

Mare Island: Dave Phinney, founder of The Prisoner and Orin Swift, hopes to transform Mare Island into a walkable model city. He opened the Savage & Cooke distillery and tasting room there in August. Phinney and others want to develop a region that will rival Napa. Located in the San Francisco Bay, Mare Island was home to the first naval base on the West Coast, established in 1854. [The Daily Beast]

More on 2019 Best Somm: Learn more about , named the 2019 Best Sommelier in the World last week, and the components of the rigorous competition he won. At 27 years old, Almert is one of the youngest to win. The competition’s 66 candidates came from 63 countries. [Decanter]

Our favorite SevenFifty Daily article this week

Beer terms to avoid: Beer professionals share words they avoid in helping guests find styles they’ll enjoy. Rather than calling a beer hoppy, words like pine, citrus, and floral, describing the actual flavors and aromas imparted, are much more helpful. Likewise, light can mean many things, including easy to drink, low in calories, or pale in color. Specificity and creativity go a long way. [SevenFifty Daily]

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