Question on Israeli wine

I know this is a bit random (and might be a stupid question) but I’m wondering if anyone can shed some light on this for me:

If the Golan Heights region has never before been recognized by the US government as part of Israel, why are wines from the region that are imported labeled as “product of Israel” and not “product of Syria”?

  • Don’t actually think the people producing wines there care whether the US recognizes them or not. The current military border is sufficient for them. 

    Definitely saw vineyards in contested Lebanon, too made by Israeli wineries. Pretty much depends on who is making it. The West Bank has Wines of Palestine and Wines of Israel basically being made in the same area. Some will say those are two different countries, some will say only one of them even exists. 

    Heck, this happens everywhere, even without a tweet from the president. Becker making wine from France in German. Or Radikon making wine from Slovenia as Italian. 

  • This depends solely on the destination country. Sweden opposed "product of Israel". Producers opposed "product of Syrian-occupied territories". Thus, nothing was listed on bottles for Sweden. US has its own ideas about what can and can't be allowed. You see a similar issue in Armenia with Nagorno-Karabakh with the producers wanting to state "product of Armenia" but it depends on the destination country if that's permitted which I think in the US, it is.

    Jeremy, there exists an old rule that was grandfathered in with Alsace. With Slovenia, you can't state it's Italian. Those would be vineyards in Italy, produced in Italy. I could be wrong, but I can't think of any old legislation in Friuli that would permit that. Was a similar case for Movia. EU has been pretty strict on these things since the 80s.

  • Hey

    I'm a bit sorry that until someone asking about wine from Israel it's more political. 

    Anyway, first of all I'm an Israeli. The reason that wine from the Golan heights is labeled as product of Israel it's because Golan Heights area by Israel laws is part of Israel and not occupied like part of Judeah and Samaria 

    Regard exporting well most of the wines coming from Golan Heights winery (same name for the region and the winery) more toward the Kosher market and anyway the US never had a problem with the labeling.

    I'm addition most of Israeli see Golan heights part of Israel and something that it's not doubt so we proud of the region. Regard Judeah and Samaria, Israelis wineries that in the occupied area and label themselves as product of Israel is mostly owned by winemakers that believe that this part of land belong to Israel and not the palastine or even there no such people of palastine.

    I hope you got your answer