What’s the weirdest / coolest thing you’ve ever seen (or done) in a beverage pairing?


I’m curious if you’ve encountered anything outside of the normal formula for beverage pairings in terms of template, structure, or presentation. Something that you thought, “hey, that’s cool / different.” Or you reflect on your career and think, “man, what were we thinking?” In a better standpoint, hopefully you reflect on a moment with pride. 

I’m looking for a discussion on innovation in beverage. Anything from rinsing a glass with Vin Jaune before topping it up with Crémant du Jura at Momofuku for a pairing, to redistilling all of the spirits to create invisible cocktails at Room 309 in Hong Kong.

There are definitely purists our there that are thinking, “what the hell’s wrong with just having regular old Champagne with caviar? Why do you gotta chuck it in the sea for six months and take it out when it tastes like bath salts?” Well, I think we can all agree that bubbly and sturgeon are pretty nice and there’s not a whole lot of need to change it. However, I’d like to use this thread to discuss innovation.