Red wine pairing for Chinese food?

A friend asked me for wine suggestions to pair with Chinese food at an outdoor evening family celebration in South Florida. She wants to keep it simple and go with one white and one red. We're using a German Riesling for the white but I'm curious as to people's thoughts about what to use for the red.

If I were able to select a few reds to accompany a few of the specific dishes, this would be fairly easy but the single choice with a diversified menu is a bit more challenging. Anyone have any thoughts?

The menu will include:

Shrimp dumplings

pork dumplings

beef dumplings

pork bao apps


Peking Duck

Honey Chicken

Fried Rice

Pan Fried Noodles w/ veggies

Orange Beef

Any thoughts on a red that would work well enough across the board?

I typically default to Pinot Noir or Gamay as my versatile reds but I'm curious is anyone has any good suggestions. Thank you very much!