Arizona Trip Suggestions

Hello, other Guildees, 

In celebration of graduating with my bachelor's degree in August, I'm planning to take a trip to Arizona in September or October. 

I will be flying into Pheonix, and have planned on going North towards Cottonwood/Jerome in the Verde Valley. The plan is to stop at the Merkin Osteria tasting room in Scottsdale, followed by the Merkin Osteria tasting room in Cottonwood along with both the Caduceus Cellars and Four Eight Wineworks tasting room in Jerome. 

The purpose of this message is to ask what other vineyards/winery tours along with tasting rooms would you all recommend? 

Thank you in advance, 


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  • Jennifer,

    It looks like you already have a list to work from however I would like to add a few and I would like to make a couple of corrections. I am currently the Cellar Master at Arizona Stronghold Vineyards so I am a bit bias of course but I would suggest that you stop into our tasting room whiule you are in Cottonwood.  Also, if you are interested I may have time to give you a tour of our production facility.

    So, 70% of wine grape production happens in the Willcox area, followed by Sonoita-Elgin and then smaller production up north in the Verde Valley.  Its worth noting that while ASV's produciton is in the Verde Valley our Estate Vineyard in located just north of Willcox.  Additionally some of Arizona's most interesting vineyards are remote and completely seperate from the larger growing area.  Case in point would be the Colibri Vineyard, now owned by Page Springs Cellars.  The Syrah grown at this high elevation site  is what got Page Springs and Burning Tree Cellars some good press a few years back.  

    I would add to the list for up north that you visit D.A. Ranch, it is located in Page Springs Valley just north of Page Springs Cellars.  (Rose of Tannat anyone?) The wines are made by Joe Bechard of Chateau Tumbleweed, another great tasting experience.  Also, Bodega Pierce/Saeculum Cellars (father/son projects) is just down the road from Tumbleweed and is definetly worth stopping at.  4-8 wineworks is a great stop while you are in Jerome tasting.  It is Arizonas only wine Co-Op and is a great place to try some up and coming producers.

    Feel free to shoot me a message if you would like more info!