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Arizona Trip Suggestions

Hello, other Guildees, 

In celebration of graduating with my bachelor's degree in August, I'm planning to take a trip to Arizona in September or October. 

I will be flying into Pheonix, and have planned on going North towards Cottonwood/Jerome in the Verde Valley. The plan is to stop at the Merkin Osteria tasting room in Scottsdale, followed by the Merkin Osteria tasting room in Cottonwood along with both the Caduceus Cellars and Four Eight Wineworks tasting room in Jerome. 

The purpose of this message is to ask what other vineyards/winery tours along with tasting rooms would you all recommend? 

Thank you in advance, 


  • I’d check out Rune, Dos Cabezas and Callaghan Vineyards to get a good expression of Arizona wine. All located up North Grinning

  • Great suggestions, but those three are in Southern AZ (Sonoita/Elgin)

  • Second the Rune recommendation; my best friend makes wine in Willcox but I'm unsure what his label is called since he's mostly just been consulting.

  • I would also say go to FnB in Scottsdale. They have an entire wine program built around AZ wine and I'm sure theydt help out in terms of suggestions!

  • you've got it covered with Caduceus... Maynard makes some cool stuff and his involvement with AZVA is truly impressive.

    The property at Paige Springs is really nice and worth going. Something about sitting on the edge of Oak Creek, Drinking Rose and throwing horse shoes is pretty dope.

    If you do decide to go south, go the ones Troy suggested, along with Bodega Pierce.

    If you need an in, message me. 

  • Correct! My mistake, I also need to make it back down to Wilcox.

  • I love FnB... but their program is not 100% Arizona. They are a complete champion of great AZ wines... but Pavle makes sure the best of the world's wines are available. He is one of the top destinations for AZ wines though to go with lights out food. Chef Charleen Badman is a finalist for a Beard again this year, and FnB was nominated on the long list for best Wine program a couple years ago.

    He also just started his own winery and vineyard. Los Milics, super exciting stuff!

  • Jason, did you make it to the AZVA Wine Symposium and Grand Tasting in January? 

    The Symposium is on my bucket list along with the Verde Valley Wine Festival. 

  • I've heard nothing but nice things about Paige Springs

  • One Google Map search, and I already adore this area! 
    I agree with Jason that a glass of rose with a game of horseshoes sounds like a spectacular time. It's even better that it's only 15 minutes away from Cottonwood! 

  • No I didn't this year... I've been putting everything on hold for the MS exam so I wasn't able to make the Tasting Panel last time either. That in itself is something amazing that Arizona is doing. If you get a chance, look up the Arizona Vignerons Alliance; Really genius way to advance and elevate Arizona's wines. 

  • Congratulations on being an MS candidate and best of wishes in your endeavors! 

    I follow the AZVA on Twitter but will be adding the alliance to my study list. 

  • Third for Rune. James makes excellent wine.

  • If you're visiting Arizona to see it's wine-growing regions then you'd do well to head south rather than north. The Willcox AVA provides Arizona winemakers with the majority of their grapes. So, from Phoenix I'd recommend the aforementioned Scottsdale choices (Merkin & FnB), then Sand Reckoner in Tucson, Rune in Sonoita, Dos Cabezas Wineworks in Sonoita, Callaghan Vineyards in Elgin. As for other northern options to consider: Four Eight Wineworks in Jerome and Chateau Tumbleweed in Clarkdale.


    PS FnB has half-priced Arizona wines by the bottle in the bar between 3:00 and 5:00 PM.

  • Jennifer,

    I used to work with the Arizona Wine Growers Association and would recommend the following wineries in the Sedona/Cottonwood area: 

    1) Near Jerome/Cottonwood... Javelina Leap and Page Springs are next to each other and are worth the stop 

    2) In Jerome...Caduceus Cellars 

    3) Old Town Cottonwood - try Pillsbury Wine Company & Burning Tree Wine Cellars 

    4) If you make it a bit further out, off of Rt 260 is Alcantara Vineyards. Its wine and location are unique

    Hope that helps! Syrah is the signature grape and has the highest ratings from Paige Springs and Burning Tree. Cheers.