Paris recommendations

Heading to Paris next week with the wife for our first time. Any recommendations for places to go? Things to see? What to eat? Where to drink?

We’re staying in the Latin Quarter and have the usual plans to go see the Eiffel, The Louvre, etc. Looking forward to dinner at Eugene’s Table and the tasting menu.  

Any little shops or cafes or anything that we should definitely check out? Tips on good bakeries would be great too, wife is a pastry chef. 

  • Lunch/Dinner at L'Ami Jean, Le Bon Georges.  Drinks at Experimental Cocktail Club. 

  • Sean,
    Ver Volaille - awesome wine bar. They sometimes have percebes - yum yum
    Cafe de la Nouvelle Mairie - not open on weekends, but so good and right in your hood!
    Le Petit Sommelier de Paris - classic food and awesome wine list
    Bistro Paul Bert - classy and classic
    La Buvette - the one in the 11a! not 9a. Ask for Camille. Get the white beans!
    Le Bon Saint Porçain - between classic bistro and fancy
    Au Petit Fer a Cheval - super fun late night bar. Drink some Calvados on the patio and watch the late night shenanigans
    Gare au Gorrille - modern bistro from Septime alum
    Holy Belly - breakfast
    Au Sauvignon - old school wine bar
    Verjus - fun menu
    Clamato - trendy but tasty. Get the mezcal baba if they have it!
    Coffee - Telescope, Lomi, Belleville Brulerie, la Cafeotheque, Coutume, KB Cafeshop, L’Arbre a Cafe
    L'As du Falafel - can have crazy lines but is a great afternoon snack when the line is short
    For pastry - 
    Odette - in your hood!
    Pâtisserie des Réves in the 7th
    Jean-Paul Hévin for chocolatey things
    The artist Kehinde Wiley has a show on right now at Galerie Templon. Beautiful works.
    Have fun!
  • If you want a great romantic evening: Apéro/sunset on the steps of the Sacre Coeur (bring your own wine & cheese) and dinner after in Montmatre behind the church.

  • Check out this blog.  Paris by Mouth  They do walking food tours that can be great, including one in the Latin Quarter.  They have recommendations based on neighborhood for were to eat as well.  These tours are great and at least when my wife and I went we went to a chocolatier, a MOF pastry chef that pipes the hood vents to the street so you smell all the fresh baked pastries as you walk by, and macaroons, more chocolate, etc.  It was great 

    Maison Georges Larnico near Sacre-cour has some of the most amazing chocolates and gigantic chocolate sculptures ever

    And my wife and I took a champagne region tour that was pretty cool.  They picked us up in the city and dropped us off took us to moet-chandon and a few smaller producers from the area all in a day.

    And the palace of versailles if you have the time to sneak out is great as well.  Completely not related to food but pretty incredible.

  • Thank you all for the tips! On my way to the airport now taking notes.

  • Go to L'Avant Comptoir-2 little wine bars next to each other, one with seafood focus, one with all things land. Standing room only, you can buy bottles to go, the menu is on the ceiling in form of cars with pictures!

    Also L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon next to Triumph Arc has a very affordable pre-fix. choose 3, 5, 8 or 10 courses) 

  • Awesome! We are heading there in mid June, so thank all of you!

  • Sean, I know you're already in Paris by now, and you have some great recommendations here, but I'm going to throw in a couple more pastry options!

    Top two:

    • Du Pain et des Idées: Charming little spot with beautiful viennoiserie. Definitely worth a visit. You can stroll alongside/sit by the Canal Saint-Martin after.
    • Blé Sucré: My favorite croissant of my recent trip, and right next to the Marché d'Aligre, which is a truly fantastic market.

    A few more:

    • Maison Landemaine: Multiple locations. Very good if you find yourself nearby. I loved the chocolate bread.
    • Aux Merveilleux de Fred (several locations): Incredible meringue pastry. At least go peer through the window!
    • Poilâne: Worth a pilgrimage for anyone into bread. Huge loaves of miche and pastry as well.
    • Jacques Genin: If you want to see a different sort of pastry spot, this place is swanky: you can sit down for a Paris-Brest made to order. But I was happy just walking in and buying some of their delicious caramels and pâtes de fruits (theirs are fruit-only).
    • Mokonuts: I didn't make it there as it was closed when I was in the neighborhood, but it's very popular with the cool kids of the food/pastry world ;)

    Also, I will second Chris's recommendation of Bistro Paul Bert! It is exactly what you want a Paris bistro to be.

    I was in Paris last summer for the first time in many years, and I was utterly overwhelmed by the abundant options for food/drink. I was less overwhelmed when I thought about trying to visit each of the various types of restaurants, i.e., bistro, neo-bistro, wine cave, brasserie, crêperie, etc., rather than every great spot I'd read about. Ultimately, you'll have an amazing time no matter what you do—it's Paris, after all!

  • Best Champagne bar with really good prices is L'Extra Brut. A grower champagne bar.  Hands down the best.  19 rue Condorcet, Paris