DAOU Winery Dinner pairings

I am in need of some guidance.  I am putting together a dinner with the San Antonio Bailliage of the Châine des Rôtisseurs at the end of June.  This will be a pairing menu with wines from DAOU winery.  The kicker is that MS Fred Dame will be hosting this and talking about the wines and winery.  So I am of course second guessing every thought that I have in my head about each course.  I am sitting down with the chef next Friday to taste the wines and draw up the menu but would love some input from the group that I can pull from as a reference.  This will be at a steak house where the chef has some skills outside of the cow & grill formula.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

 Below is the list of the wines and links to the tech sheets.  I am considering flipping the Soul of the Lion and  the Paso cab but will wait until I taste through them next week. 

 Thank you!



2018 Sauv Blanc


 First Course

2018 Chardonnay



 Second Course

2017 Daou Cab



 Third Course

 2016 Soul of the Lion



Fourth Course

 2017 Pessimist by Daou