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Somms with walking aids/disabilities

Hi everyone,

So, I'm taking my Level 2 in two weeks in Miami and I have a question.

Late last year, I suffered a bad knee injury that required surgery.. and unfortunately I did some permanent damage to my knee. As a result, I wear a giant metal brace on my left knee, and when I walk around in hard shoes, I have to walk with a cane.

My knee is still healing from surgery - the doc says Labor Day by the time it's really healed as far as it will go. I can walk normally with sneakers on most of the time, but obviously I can't wear sneakers in a restaurant environment.

I haven't served wine to anyone since the injury. Honestly, I've been too nervous and I don't know what to do. But, I have to pretty soon, so I was wondering if anyone knows Somms that require walking aids, and how they provide service to their guests.

Thank you!


  • Regarding the certified exam, I would find the most innocuous pair of black sneakers you can and wear those. If you are able to walk normally with sneakers, I would default to finding some that work for you rather than spending the next two weeks learning how to serve wine and carry a tray with a cane.

  • What are the odds that the MS that handed me my Certified badge and certificate during the results reception was the last person to reply to my question? I actually missed your response - otherwise I would have said something. Ha! 

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