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2003 In Europe all over again

2019 has the makings of being a scorcher of a year...

South of France expected to be hit with temperatures near 113º F with other areas receiving heat spikes

Either way interesting to see Vintage theory unravel like this.

(Also hopefully there isn't anyone who gets hurt by the hot weather, like in '03)

  • Had the chance to visit Tuscany last week and visited a winery in Chianti Classico and they echoed the same concerns about it being very very hot this year. Temperatures were expected to soar well above 100 degrees Fahrenheit the week following my stay (now this week). As a side note he was telling us about and showing us the brand new irrigation system they had just installed in their vineyard and how most other vineyards hadn’t yet adopted the system. Was interesting how they are seeing the change and adapting to it.

  • From a wine perspective, I wouldn’t make any comparisons to 2003 yet, since this heat wave is happening before veraison. 

  • Hey David, what winery adopted this new system? Can you also elaborate on the type of irrigation and it’s purpose for the change.

  • So I know very little when it comes to this side of things in the wine world so I only know how to explain it very simply haha but basically there was a hose that was attached to the trellis that the vines were trained to and it ran up and down all of the rows of vines, seemed very simple and like something that beforehand I’d assume most have but according to the winemaker it’s something that 99% of the vineyards in Chianti Classico do not yet have and still water manually (I’m assuming). I didn’t ask but I suppose the purpose is really just for ease of watering? Maybe irrigation wasn’t the best word to use to describe what I was saying. The winery is called Tolaini.

  • What you're describing definitely sounds like an irrigation system! Drip irrigation, if I'm understanding you correctly. Interesting! I know that there's been talk in some Old World wine regions about installing irrigation, particularly in areas that aren't getting as much rain during the growing season as they had in the past. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few years.