Heat wave in Europe

The massive heat wave in Europe is pretty alarming. Chiefly, because there have been a huge spike in heat related casualties; but as it pertains to this forum I am pretty curious about the vines there.

Rioja and Rivera Del Duero for example are already seeing days over 40c (104f) and looks like more to come. Anyone in the area that can comment on the grapes/vineyards?

  • This is week is higher than normal for Rioja, which usually has highs in the mid-90s, not in the 100s. Heat spikes as high as 115+ in Sonoma or Napa are not uncommon.  Better that it is not happening right before harvest; I think the vines should recover fine at this stage in the season. ?

    Here you can see the typical temperatures for Haro, Spain over the last ten years (based on monthly average high, not daily record). 

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