Heat wave in Europe

The massive heat wave in Europe is pretty alarming. Chiefly, because there have been a huge spike in heat related casualties; but as it pertains to this forum I am pretty curious about the vines there.

Rioja and Rivera Del Duero for example are already seeing days over 40c (104f) and looks like more to come. Anyone in the area that can comment on the grapes/vineyards?

  • I just returned home from spending the last week in Bordeaux and Germany and I have to say that it was HOT. Many of the vintners were not that concerned at this heat wave occurring at this stage of the growing cycle - much more of an issue if this were to occur after veraison. 

    Irrigation is being employed in areas with dry soils and more delicate vines. Careful canopy management is needed to provide enough shade for the grapes. Some vineyard work is not being done because the vines are too sensitive. 

    One of the conversations being had was that climate change is real and questioning if this is the new normal. There are many experiments occurring to try to combat some of the issues of heat and drought including experimenting with other grape varieties in Bordeaux. 

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