New Beaujolais Law


One of my distributors came in today and informed me that Beaujolais Crus will have "Burgundy Grand Cru" status beginning with the 2019 vintage and it will appear on the label like "Morgon Grand Cru". This seems counterintuitive to me and it would make more sense to have "Cote du Py Grand Cru" or something like that. He also claimed that Pinot Noir plantings are now going to be allowed (which I thought they already were for Bourgogne AOP wines) and that they would start replacing the Gamay plantings. 

I could find no information about this and I was in Beaujolais last year and zero vignerons brought it up. It also seems like Beaujolais would have to change it's entire focus and law structure to become more like the wines of the Cote d'Or and Cote de Beaune, which I highly doubt they are interested in doing. So, am I missing something enormous? I think my rep is likely misinformed, but I want to confirm and learn in case this is truly happening. Thanks. 

  • I haven't heard anything... but there's such a sense of pride in Beaujolais of not being the Côte d'Or I feel the vignerons would reject this before it even got to the INAO for consideration. have you heard anything?? I texted Raj and he said that he goes quite often and hasn't heard even the slightest whisper about this. I think your guy is pulling your leg... but anything is possible, right?

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